Ultima logo
Founded in 1992
Country: United Kingdom
1 car included

In-game DescriptionEdit

"Noble Motorsport Ltd was founded in 1983 by automotive engineer Lee Noble. The Ultima Mk1 was a tube frame chassis using many existing Ford, Austin, and Renault components. The first Mk2 sold received a V8 conversion by a customer, and the Mk3 saw a new body design. Other customers followed suit with V8 conversions, leading to many racing victories and Ultimas being effectively banned from competing. TAG McLaren Group bought two Mk3's in 1991, and modified them to use in developing the legendary McLaren F1.
By 1992 customers Ted and Richard Marlow bought the rights to the car from Noble, and created the Ultima Sports Ltd company. This marked the end of Lee Noble's involvement in the Ultima's development. They used more purpose-built components around a Chevrolet small block V8, and changed the car's name to Ultima Sports. Wind tunnel testing and other improvements led to the redesigned Ultima GTR being launched in 1999. The open-top Can-Am model was released in 2001 after similar design refinement.
Multiple road car performance world records were broken by the 2005 Ultima GTR640. In 2006 the Ultima GTR720 set another 0-100-0 mph record, and even beat the Ferrari FXX's lap time at the Top Gear test track. 2007 saw new LS-series engine options, with up to 800-hp. The Ultima remains one of the most affordable supercars because customers have the option of purchasing staged its, to assemble their own cars."

Car listEdit

Year Model PI
2012 GTR 768R3 768 March Pirelli Car Pack

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