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Founded in 1924
Country: United Kingdom
2 cars included

In-game DescriptionEdit

"MG was created in Britain by Cecil Kimber in 1924. He chose the name in reference to morris Garages, the company owned by his employer William Morris. Kimber recognized the opportunity to build sporty versions of Morris cars while maintaining affordability. The first MG production model was the 14/28 Super Sports, which also debuted the octagonal badge on its grille.
After World War II, servicemen returning to the United States increased demand for MG models. The market for small sports cars was strong enough that the majority of MGs were exported overseas. Compared to prewar models, postwar T series Midgets maintained similar mechanicals and styling cues until 1955. The MGA introduced more modern looks and technology. with the highest performance version being the Twin Cam. In 1962 it was succeeded by the acclaimed MGB, which became the best–selling sports car in the world. By 2002 the 1,500,000th MG was built, an edition of the new TF 160 to celebrate the Queen of England's Golden Jubilee.
Motorsport involvement started at the 1925 Lands' End trial, earning MG a Gold Medal. At the 1933 Mille Miglia MG's K3 made history by being the first class winner originating outside Italy. 1933 also saw MG take a class win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. MG has a history of top speed runs, setting multiple class records between 1930 and 1959. The EX139 became the first 1,100–cc car to break 200 mph when “Goldie” Gardner drove it at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1939. Phil Hill piloted the EX 181 to 254 mph in 1959, making it the fastest MG ever. In 1984 the Metro 6R4 was built to complete in the World Rally Championship. With a mid–mounted 410–hp V6 and 4WD, it was a hatchback with supercar performance."

Car listEdit

Year Model PI
1958 MGA Twin-Cam 122F 122 Meguiar's Car Pack
1966 MGB GT 123F 123 September Pennzoil Pack

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