Infiniti logo
Founded in 1989
Country: United States
2 cars included

In-game DescriptionEdit

"Japanese manufacturer Nissan Motor Company introduced its luxury Infiniti brand in 1989, focusing on a blend of style, comfort, and performance. The Infiniti flagship was the potent V8-powered Q45, which featured technology such as active suspension and four-wheel steering. Over the years, the Infiniti line has grown to include the slightly smaller M45 sedan, the sporty G37 coupe (on the same chassis as the Nissan Skyline), the G37 Sport Sedan, the EX35 personal luxury vehicle, the FX50 crossover, and the QX56 full-size luxury SUV."

Car listEdit

Year Model PI
2003 G35 Coupe 421C 421
2008 G37 Coupe Sport 442B 442

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