Hudson logo
Founded in 1909
Country: United States
1 car included

In-game DescriptionEdit

"The Hudson Motor Company was founded in 1909 by a group of businessmen in Detroit. Department store owner J. L. Hudson provided the most start-up funding, so it was named after him. Under the leadership of Roy D. Chapin, Hudson quickly became a successful manufacturer.
The Essex model line was a hit when introduced in 1919, and notable for being one of the first reasonably priced cars with an enclosed cockpit. Other important innovations also came form Hudson, including instrument warning lights and the first balanced crankshaft.
By 1929 the company was so successful it ranked third-largest among U.S. automakers. This was also the peak of Hudson's sales success, as the Great Depression followed. To promote the cars' performance, Hudson set multiple speed, economy, and hill climb records in the 1930's. The 1933 Essex Terraplane Eight set a standing kilometer time of 36.3 seconds, a class record for 17 years. In 1948 Hudson brought out the Super Six, advanced for its unit body construction and riding lower to the ground than the average car. The 1951 Hornet combined an improved version of the Super Six chassis with a more powerful 380 cubic inch (5-liter( engine. The "Twin H-Power" dual carburetor system allowed this inline six to hold its own against V8's. The car proved effective in stock car competition, winning races from 1951 to 1954 and earning the nickname "Fabulous Hudson Hornet."
Compared to other American cars, Hudson models incurred higher redesign expenses because of their unibody construction. More frequently updated competitors affected falling sales and led to Hudson merged with Nash in 1954 to from AMC. After 48 years in business, the Hudson brand was dropped in 1957"

Car listEdit

Year Model PI
1952 Hornet 138F 138 July Car Pack

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