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Founded in 1991
Country: United States
1 car included

In-game DescriptionEdit

"Hennessey Performance Engineering was founded by John Hennessey in 1991. He started by modifying a Mitsubishi 3000GT and driving it in various events, including setting a class record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. In addition to the 3000GT, parts followed for other Japanese cars such as the Supra and RX–7
An early Dodge Viper was brought in to create the Viper Venom 500 in 1993. Its performance in the Silver state Classic Challenge generated attention and drew other Vipers owners to Hennessey. The Viper Venom range grew over the years to include 550, 600, 650R, 800, and 1000 versions. Venoms became regular competitors in magazine shootout tests, setting hot times among the fastest cars in the world.
In 2005 a Ford GT was built for a customer to exceed 200 mph within a mile. This led to Ford GT upgrade packages generating up to 1000 horsepower. The introduction of the Cadillac CTS–V, Camaro, and Corvette ZR1 tuning programs in 2009 added GM platforms to HPE's range. HPE now modifies over a dozen automobile brands, from Audi to Toyota.
A desire for a chassis lighter than the Viper led to the Venom GT project. The basic ingredients were a heavily modified Lotus Elise, a GM LS9 V8, and two turbochargers. The resulting 1200–hp Venom GT has staggering performance.
2011 marks Hennessey's 20th anniversary. It has grown from a one man operation to 30 employees and two facilities. One location is adjacent to Lonestar Motorsports Park, which serves as the test track."

Car ListEdit

Year Model PI
2012 Venom GT 782R3 782 May Topgear Car Pack

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