GMC Truck
GMC Truck logo
Founded in 1912
Country: United States
3 cars included

In-game DescriptionEdit

"The GMC Truck brand got its start in the early 1900s as the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, which built one-cylinder commercial trucks. General Motors Corporation bought Rapid along with the Reliance Motor Truck Company, and in 1912, the marque 'GMC Truck' was first shown at the New York International Auto Show. During World War II, GMC Truck produced trucks for the United States, and by the middle of the century, GMC had expanded into producing coaches, transit buses, emergency vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and motor homes. Between 1962 and 1972, most GMC vehicles were equipped with quad headlights, and Chevrolet trucks were equipped with dual headlights. In 1973, GM’s introduced the 'rounded line' series, which set the standard for the Chevrolet/GMC line of trucks for over 30 years, and sister models from both brands shared most features except trim and sticker price. The year 2007 saw a divergence in style once again between the two brands. GMC's trucks, vans, and SUVs offer more options and standard features than Chevrolet's vehicles, which are positioned as entry-level offerings. Today, GMC remains a venerable automobile manufacturer that produces SUVs, light- to heavy-duty pickup trucks, and vans."

Car listEdit

Year Model PI
1983 Vandura G-1500 100F 100 September Pennzoil Pack
1991 Syclone 376C 376
1992 Typhoon 385C 385 November Speed Pack

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