Fujimi Kaido is a circuit on Forza Motorsport 4 supposedly created by Turn 10 and split into 4 stages; A,B,C and D, as well as Old Downhill and Hillclimb and New Downhill and Hillclimb. It is located somewhere near Mount Fuji ,as when you face in a certain direction in some areas of the track, the tip of Mount Fuji is visible. The only track condition is Late Morning, which means constant sun. The layout is twisty in most places, with some straights. All basic stages and the full lap are available mirrored, but Old and New Downhill and Hillclimb are only available in the default direction. The track is 10.2 miles long with narrow roads. It is meant to be the best track in the game for drifters, and is regularly used for normal race lobbies.  

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