Bugatti Veyron SS

The Bugatti Veyron SS is a supercar designed by Bugatti. As you can see, this vehicle is based off the Bugatti Veyron 16.4

The design is carbon made for lightweight, and orange decorations for airflow showings and to let people know that it is a very bigshot car due to its extremly high speeds.

The performace of this car has outstanding speeds, up to 268 mph, and the 8.0-litre sixteen-cylinder quad-turbo engine produces no less than 1200 bhp. It is the fastest car in Forza 4. Acceleration and launch is extremely high, so it is one of the best cars for drag racing, like the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and RUF Rt 12 R.

Breaking isn't that good however, and it has terrible handling (which is turning during racing/driving), due to its high weight. It's better than the Veyron 16.4 however.

Forza Motorsport 4 appearanceEdit

This car was first introduced in Forza 4. After the big deal of the regular Bugatti Veyron installed in the previous Forza 3, Turn 10 decided to add this limited car. It has better performance than the regular Veryon.

The car isn't a unicorn, or a car you have to unlock. This vehicle is only founded in the limited edition in Forza 4. It features 25 cars including this one.

Many people try to make vinyl groups of the SS on the regular Veyron, because they don't have the limited edition Forza 4. It does look identical at a racing point, or a far point, but if you look closely, it is not. That is because the car is made from different material, carbon instead of tough plastic. Many people who attempt to make a car design based off the SS, attends to add very small stripes that make it look like carbon far away. But still, it isn't the same.

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