It’s a subtle upgrade to a great European hatch, but the 308 GTi’s greatness isn’t subtle at all. All those little tweaks add up in a big way to bring the GTi to the forefront of the competition. A tasteful bodykit outside signals the excitement that extends inwards to the aluminum and piano-black accented interior. The most exciting place in the 308 is the engine compartment, where a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine produces a tidal wave of torque—275 ft-lbs., to be exact. Plant your foot into the accelerator and the GTi surges forward with enough enthusiasm to make any driver chuckle mischievously. GTi must be French for “fun,” because the 308 GTi is filled from hood to hatch with the stuff. Even the car is amused; just look at the grinning front fascia.

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