A technical course like Infineon Raceway’s Indycar Circuit showcases the beauty of the Solstice GXP—a driver’s delight that built around a willing engine with the highest specific output of any GM vehicle ever, including scores of high-test Corvettes. The 2-liter four-cylinder makes 260 horsepower, reaching the magic 2.1 ponies per cubic inch number with the help of a dual-scroll turbocharger. The powerful motor sits in a brand-new chassis heavily influenced by the Corvette’s corner-loving backbone structure, and is clothed by a graceful coupe body with a removable targa section--one of the most beautiful designs to ever come out of Detroit. It’s also one of the rarest Solstices, as less than 900 GXP coupes were produced in its single year of production, making the stunning coupe incredibly rare. Don’t stash it away in a garage, though, as the Solstice GXP is made to be driven hard.

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