The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in Forza 4 is classified as R3 Class. It is very fast due to its top speed and acceleration, but it handles uncomfortable due to its heavy weight.

Top Gear descriptionEdit

"Above 155 mph they stop trying to classify hurricanes. 155 mph is Category 5, a kind that killed 12,000 Texans in 1900. There is no Category 6. Because if there was, there will be nobody left to classify it once it had passed.

The Bugatti Veyron will pass through the air at 252 mph, so you have some of idea of the forces of nature of work here. And the reasons why it needs to hold that fast aeroplane wing into the airstream to keep it stable.

It's also why it needs 16 cylinders, 8 litres, 4 turbochargers, 10 radiators and 1,000 horsepower. Everything about this car is Category 6. Except that is the skill level required to drive it, you might include a flappy paddle gearbox developed by the people who developed Formula 1 gearboxes, and a 4-wheel drive system developed with some considerable amount of head-scratching by some rocket scientists, means you just get in, and drive. And you won't drive anything faster. Anything. Like Concorde in the Saturn 5, the Veyron is the furthest particular engineering avenue will be explored. The man who engineered it are probably working now on hydrogen propulsion. There is no longer a place in the world for a car that will win a twist of these special key required to dile in that hurricane beating top speed, consumed a set of 10,000 pound tyres in just 300 miles.

And that makes me sad." - Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear

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