This hooligan may be dressed down slightly from the 2007 WRX STi, but it still has menacing grip and enough turbo boxer-induced grunt to make even the most sedate owner turn into an instant raceboy. More than 300 horsepower in this little wagon and Subaru’s notoriously awesome all-wheel-drive system can make the WRX STi tractor-like in slippery conditions. An adjustable differential that directs power to the front or rear wheels also gives the STi versatility to carve corners or drift in four-wheel, tire-smoking glory. As with any Subie, there’s enough quirkiness to ensure your individuality remains intact while you destroy the more run-of-the-mill imports from Japan. Whether you are looking to run with the upscale European sports cars or beat up on American Muscle, the WRX STi is a ride with enough versatility, drivability, guts, and style to ensure the rear bumper is all the competition is accustomed to seeing.

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