911 GT3 RS
2007 911 GT3 RS (997)
Porsche logo
130,000 CR
Model year: 2007
Performance Index: A 592
Drive Type: RWD
Engine Placement: Rear
Basic Performance
Advanced Performance
Power: 415 HP (309 kW)
Torque: 300 lb ft (406 N·m)
Weight: 3031 lbs (1374 Kg)
Front: 39%
Displ: 3.6 L
Power/weight: 301 HP per ton

225 kW per ton

RS stands for “rennsport” in German which translates to “racing sport”. The differences between the 911 GT3 RS and the GT3 are slight but the RS model provides the closest thing available to an actual cup car. Some carbon-fiber components, such as the hood and rear wing, and lighter glass give the RS a lift in the weight category and the 1.7-inch wider rear-end give it increased directional stability and better lateral grip. The gear ratios are slightly shorter for blasting out of corners and optimizing the 8,400 RPM redline. The beautiful and powerful resonance of this engine communicates with the driver from low RPM growl to a wailing roar at peak. While the RS only delivers the same horsepower than the GT3, the way it is transferred to the pavement will result is quicker lap times and shave increments off the car’s quarter-mile stats.

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