599 GTB Fiorano
Ferrari logo
310,000 CR
Model year: 2006
Performance Index: S 630
Drive Type: RWD
Engine Placement: Front
Basic Performance
Advanced Performance
Power: 611 HP (455 kW)
Torque: 448 lb ft (607 N·m)
Weight: 3865 lbs (1753 Kg)
Front: 47%
Displ: 6.0 L
Power/weight: 348 HP per ton

259 kW per ton

For Ferrari’s top-of-the-line two-seater to be named after their own private racetrack, used for testing Ferrari’s F1 cars, it has to be pretty special. The Frank Stephenson-penned lines recall the F430 he also designed, and convey that this big, bold Ferrari shouldn’t be ignored. That’s particularly true when you consider that it’s faster to 60 mph than the mighty Enzo despite weighing nearly 700 lbs. more, can exceed 200 mph, and still can swaddle you and a friend in the butteriest leather this side of Connolly—that is, it can do all this if you can afford to purchase one. The 599 GTB may not be cheap, but what it lacks in bargain-basement pricing it more than makes up for in performance and atmosphere: you can revel in the V12’s gruff bark or bang out shifts based on the shift indicator lights on the steering wheel (accurately modeled in-game, by the way). The 599 is a triumph of engineering, showing that a front-engine V12-powered grand tourer doesn’t have to make many compromises in this day and age.

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