The RZ was effectively the king of Japanese sports cars during its day. The legendary 2JZ engine has found its place in movies, circuit, and drift racing. This was the last year of the Supra for the U.S. market; rumors of its return have yet to be fulfilled. It is a car whose beauty, history and performance all deserve a place in Toyota history. There are few imports as legendary as the last of the Supras. In form they scream of their speed potential, and the sound of the 2JZGTE motor is recognizable by any true JDM fan. While those in the street racing scene were already familiar with the highly tunable 2JZ and its ability to destroy American muscle with twice its displacement, it wasn’t until Brian and Dom lined up to settle the score at the end of the original Fast and Furious movie that the proof was evident. Sadly, the era of rear-wheel-drive, twin-turbo Supras died in 2002. Thanks to the world of Forza though, you can experience the Supra’s power and speed for years to come.

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