Diablo SV
Lamborghini logo
100,000 CR
Model year: 1997
Performance Index: A 559
Drive Type: RWD
Engine Placement: Mid
Basic Performance
Advanced Performance
Power: 530 HP (395 kW)
Torque: 446 lb ft (604 N·m)
Weight: 3474 lbs (1575 Kg)
Front: 41%
Displ: 5.7 L
Power/weight: 336 HP per ton

250 kW per ton

At first glance, the absurdly low, wide, and aggressive Diablo SV looks like it would be evil to drive, a sort of untamed raging bull looking to buck you into a guardrail at the first opportunity. Also, the “SV” (superveloce, in Italian—very fast, in translation) version doesn’t even come with the all-wheel drive of the “VT” model, so it should be a handful… right? Wrong—the SV is a surprisingly easy car to drive quickly, partially because the stock mammoth rear tires resist breakaway until their very limit. Unlike a lot of other mid-engined supercars, the Diablo gives you some warning before things go pear-shaped. But you shouldn’t be thinking about pears when you look over the Lamborgini’s lines—wedges would be more accurate, because from the nearly horizontal windshield to the kicked-down door line, the Diablo appears in profile almost like a knife-edge. Considerably more restrained from a styling standpoint than its wild ancestor the Countach, the Diablo SV still wears a large rear wing and a pair of roof-mounted hood scoops feeding air to the massive 5.7-liter V12, but it’s a more mature design (although there’s no mistaking it for anything other than a Lamborghini, particularly in a lurid shade of yellow). It’s also a more mature driver, allowing drivers to fully utilize the 520 horsepower on tap without getting into too much trouble.

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