Commonly known as the Mark III, the third-generation Supra represents the final divergence from the Celica it initially shared many components with—the Celica changed over to front-wheel drive, and the Supra thankfully remained rear-wheel drive. Now related to the Toyota Soarer, a JDM-only model that North America received a generation later as the Lexus SC, this Supra 2.0GT Twin Turbo features an engine that was never sold stateside. The 2-liter 1G-GTE features twin parallel turbochargers to produce a healthy 210 horsepower on 11 PSI of boost, although it can certainly handle more. Clean lines of the coupe often earned it comparisons to the C4 Corvette, but it’s maybe better to think of it as a blank slate for paint and body kit modifications—and there are plenty of the latter to choose from. The engine is as amenable to tuning as its larger sibling, the 1JZ-GTE, so if you crank up the boost this Supra’s immensely strong internals can handle it—or swap out for a more potent engine from the get-go. Whatever you choose to do, whether it is racing or drifting, this Supra’s got you covered.

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