speed 4.2

handling 4.7

acceleration 5.3

launch 6.0

braking 4.5 The first generation MR2 was the last thing the market expected from practical and economical Toyota at the time, but was received well. Since then, the car has built a following that has endured over the years. MR2 stands for “Mid-engined Runabout 2 Seater,” but in the U.S. it is known as “mid-engine rear-wheel-drive two-seater”. The well-balanced and snappy performance took a step into downright exciting with the introduction of the SC, which stands for “super-charged.” The belt driven Roots-type supercharger is actuated by an electromagnetic clutch depending on power demands, increasing fuel economy. The 145 horsepower on board in the 2,500-pound MR2 will bring a smile to any enthusiast’s face. The Mister Two, as it is sometimes affectionately referred to, responds well to upgrades and can easily become a go to car for lobby racing.

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