288 GTO
Ferrari logo
320,000 CR
Model year: 1984
Performance Index: A 534
Drive Type: RWD
Engine Placement: Rear
Basic Performance
Advanced Performance
Power: 395 HP (294 kW)
Torque: 366 lb ft (496 N·m)
Weight: 2557 lbs (1159 Kg)
Front: 47%
Displ: 2.9 L
Power/weight: 340 HP per ton

253 kW per ton

Often and unofficially referred to as the “288 GTO” (the 288 stands for “2.8 liters, 8 cylinders”), the GTO resurrects a storied name from Ferrari’s past for a new breed of supercar … on that led directly to such hypercars as the Enzo years later. Intended to be the homologation spearhead for a FISA Group B race entry (making the “omologato” part of “GTO” appropriate), the cancellation of that series led to just 272 GTOs ultimately hitting the road. Bad for Ferrari and race fans, good for collectors. Regardless of its lack of racing pedigree, the GTO is competition-bred, with features like an integral roll hoop and a quick-change rear subframe for easy stage-side maintenance. In a mid-longitudinal position is a twin-turbocharged V8 making 400 horsepower, developed with Ferrari’s F1 experience. A few echoes of the old GTOs made it past the business-only agenda of the GTO, like the rear cooling slits that recall the fender slits of the original GTO.

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