Mustang Mach 1
Ford logo
40,000 CR
Model year: 1971
Performance Index: D 330
Drive Type: RWD
Engine Placement: Front
Basic Performance
Advanced Performance
Power: 376 HP (280 kW)
Torque: 450 lb ft (610 N·m)
Weight: 3711 lbs (1683 Kg)
Front: 60%
Displ: 7.0 L
Power/weight: 223 HP per ton

166 kW per ton

To understand the Mustang Mach 1, you have to understand era that produced it. Car development cycles start several years before the car hits dealerships, and the late 1960s saw the flourishing of ever-larger, more powerful muscle cars that overshadowed the pony car segment the Mustang invented. Solution: a larger, more powerful, more stylish Mustang. More wedge-shaped and angular, it was certainly aggressive. The Mach 1 was the most aggressive of them all, with a blacked-out honeycomb grille, bold contrasting graphics, and the requisite scoops and ducts. Unusually for the 1970s, the Mach 1 features a body-colored front bumper for an integrated look—a design feature that would soon become commonplace. Mach 1s came in many engine flavors, but this Mach 1 sports the most incredible of them all—the 429 CJ-R (Cobra Jet with ram-air). The dual NACA-style hoodscoops are quite functional, channeling cold oxygen-rich air to the hungry engine. The result is a 375 horsepower dragstrip monster, perfect for ruining rear tires. It also handled a lot better than the previous generation Boss 429, designed from the outset to handle such a massive engine and therefore equipped with more appropriate suspension. In the waning days of the muscle car era, the Mustang had finally matured.

1965 Ford Mustang GT Coupe

the Mach 1's sister

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