“Here comes da Judge!” That catchphrase, most famously spoken by Sammy Davis, Jr. on a popular 1960s sketch comedy show, lent this special GTO its name. Just like the outsized and slightly absurd skit, the Judge package adds lots of character to the revised A-body shape. A semi-fastback, the ’69 GTO features the body-colored, integrated “Endura” front bumper made famous by a commercial featuring Pontiac engineers whacking it with a crowbar without deforming it at all. Behind that rubber bumper is a big motor: the 6.5-liter V8 is the Ram Air III evolution of the famed Pontiac 400 cubic inch engine, putting out a healthy 365 horsepower and much more streetable than the lumpy-cammed Ram Air IV variant. The distinguishing “Judge” package features include a rear spoiler, blacked-out grille, a bold decal package, full GTO suspension, and a 3-speed transmission with a Hurst T-handle shifter. Originally the Judge was going to be a stripped-down GTO variant, but be thankful that the result is a nicely-optioned GTO with attitude.

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