While the words “Firebird” and “Trans Am” seem to be used almost interchangeably among those not fully familiar with the history of the trim level, the Trans Am package actually debuted in 1969, a relatively humble launch below the radar of many. From an appearance standpoint, the Trans Am included dual functional hood scoops, a relatively restrained rear spoiler, unique front fender vents, and a blue-and-white paint scheme that utilized two blue racing stripes and a blue rear panel. It was attractive, certainly, but what really mattered to performance enthusiasts were the engine options. This model is equipped with the Ram Air IV version of the 400 cubic inch V8, which is good for 345 horsepower and an intense 430 ft-lbs. of torque. Without further modification, ETs in the low 14s were reasonable to expect. Whether at the strip or simply cruising on the street, at least the original Trans Am has outsized presence thanks to its unique appearance package and the handsome split grille.

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